The 3Phases of Life Foundation provides our youth with educational resources to prepare them for a successful college career and the opportunities to visit colleges and universities, which allows them to experience both the academic and social aspects of college life.  Our College and Career Program gives our students, who otherwise would not have access or the financial means to take field trips, the chance to see new places; meet new people from various backgrounds and cultures; and learn new invaluable lessons that will assist them as they enter college and throughout their professional career in life.

The 3Phases of Life Foundation also exposes our youth to various careers by having different professionals come in and speak to our students.  We strive to help them channel their passions in life and show them various career paths that are available for them to explore in their fields of interest.

Here are some of the elements that our youth receives through the College and Career Program:  

Seminars that focus on all the essentials that students need to do in middle and high school to have the opportunity to go to college, for example – excel academically in their class, develop a good character, be involved with extra curriculum activities, and give back in their community.

Workshops and educational materials to assist with the preparation for the ACT/SAT tests.

Additional resources and mentorship to help students succeed in college and in the professional world after college.


College Tours throughout Florida:  HBCUs Tours
Career Source Tampa Bay:  Trade & Technical Schools, Military Careers, and other Professional Jobs
Straz Center Tours
Thomas Edison Tours
Courthouse Tours
Visit with First Responders
Airfest at MacDill Air Force Base
MOSI Tours
JA BizTown

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